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Standard delivery includes all assembly, placement and in-home service of your purchase. All pick ups will be in cartons and the buyer will be responsible for any assembly required. Payment at a store or distribution facility required with pick up. Pick ups must be made from our distribution facility on Brookhill Rd.
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You've just purchased some beautiful furniture from Gardiner Wolf Furniture and you're excited to get it home but are unsure of the next step. Your two options are pick the furniture up from our main distribution warehouse or have your new purchase delivered by professionals to your home.

Assuming you have a vehicle large enough to accommodate your purchase and the muscle power to get it from your truck into your home, 80% of furniture requires at least 10 minutes of assembly (and that 10 minutes is estimated time taken by professionals so if your day job isn't furniture assembly it might take you longer). If you factor in assembly, heavy lifting, mileage, and gas you will probably come to the realization that having your furniture delivered is the smart choice.

Delivery rates for local area deliveries, which include about a 10 mile radius of all of our 5 store locations is a $79.95 fee for purchases equal to or less than $1000, and $159.95 for all purchases over $1000 regardless of the product's size, shape, or weight. Extended area deliveries are also possible and rates fluctuate depending on zip code. Not only will our professional delivery team open and assemble all purchases, but they will place the furniture in the location or room of your choice. Plus, Gardiner Wolf Furniture offers a 6 month in home warranty for all service related issues.

Gardiner Wolf Furniture regular delivery days are Tuesdays through Saturdays and we are happy to accommodate our customers with a 30 minute call ahead to let you know when we are on our way to your home, in addition we offer you a reliable window of time so you know approximately when to expect us. If you buy any in stock item, we can have that delivered to you within days of your purchase if those days fall within our normal delivery schedule.