Eco Friendly

  • In 2006, We recycled 816,000 lbs of cardboard; 747,000 in 2007; We expect to recycle over 800,000 lbs of cardboard and over 40,000 of plastic packaging material in 2008.

  • Wood Framing is used as "packing skids" on the bottom of virtually every piece of furniture that we receive from our manufacturers. Every 60 days we fill an 80 ft trailer with wood. This left over wood comes from our packaging containers and is turned into mulch or is broken down to use as fuel.

  • Through-out the company including our distribution center, corporate offices and five showroom locations we are able to recycle paper which equals about a ton a month.

  • We have reduced trips to the landfill from 3 times a week to only once a week.

  • We are using energy saving compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) in our showrooms and in our corporate offices. They use 75% less energy than standard lighting, produce 75% less heat, and lasts up to 10 times longer.

  • In bathrooms we are using motion sensor lighting so that lights will be used only during occupancy.

  • We are currently looking into ways to recycle all packaging styrofoam. One option might be to purchase a machine called a "densifier" that will essentially reduce the styrofoam by 80%. This foam, when heated becomes heavy blocks which can be 100% commercially recycled into new packaging products.