Low Price Guarantee

Terms and Conditions for Gardiner Wolf Furniture Low Price Guarantee

The Gardiner Wolf Furniture Low Price Guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Gardiner Wolf Furniture (Gardiner Wolf Furniture) guarantees that if a Customer purchases any item(s) of furniture or mattress from Gardiner Wolf Furniture and finds within 30 days after delivery of the item(s) the identical merchandise available in stock at a lower advertised price by a Competitive Retailer (as defined below) subject to the same terms and conditions as offered by Gardiner Wolf Furniture, Gardiner Wolf Furniture will refund to the Customer an amount equal to the difference between the price the Customer paid at Gardiner Wolf Furniture and the lower advertised price.
  2. For purposes of this Guarantee, the price used to compare is the TOTAL MERCHANDISE ORDER PRICE of the item(s) PLUS ANY APPLICABLE DELIVERY FEES Gardiner Wolf Furniture charges compared to the TOTAL MERCHANDISE ORDER PRICE a Competitive Retailer charges for the identical item(s) PLUS ANY APPLICABLE DELIVERY FEES WHICH PROVIDE THE COMPARABLE LEVEL OF DELIVERY SERVICE AS Gardiner Wolf Furniture STATED DELIVERY TERMS. Price used for comparison does not include any additional fees or taxes such as, but not limited to, optional warranty costs or sales tax associated with the sale of the merchandise.
  3. Gardiner Wolf Furniture Low Price Guarantee is a limited guarantee with respect to the price of Gardiner Wolf Furniture merchandise and does not make any other guarantees with respect to the features, quality, or characteristic of such merchandise.
  4. For purposes of this Guarantee, identical merchandise means that the item(s) must be the same model made by the same manufacturer with the same patterns, materials, color, finishes, warranty and other features.
  5. For purposes of this Guarantee, a Competitive Retailer is any furniture retailer that offers furniture or mattresses for sale to the general public and who regularly provides full delivery service, including assembly and set up of merchandise in the Customer's home or business, to an area that is within Gardiner Wolf Furniture established local delivery service area.
  6. For purposes of this Guarantee, lower advertised price means any merchandise that has been advertised by a Competitive Retailer to the general public by way of Radio, Television, Direct Mail, Print or Internet advertising.
  7. This Guarantee does not apply to any floor samples, clearance items, gifts with purchase items, items not currently in stock, merchandise sold by membership clubs, going out of business sales or any unauthorized channels.
  8. Gardiner Wolf Furniture reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this Low Price Guarantee at any time without notice. In the event this Guarantee is modified, suspended or canceled, Gardiner Wolf Furniture will honor this Guarantee on any purchase made on or before the last day this Guarantee is in effect.
  9. In the event Gardiner Wolf Furniture is running a promotion where the customer may select a low price or long term financing option, this guarantee will apply only in the event the Customer selects the low price option over the long term financing option. Any merchandise purchased under the long term financing option will not be subject to the Gardiner Wolf Furniture Low Price Guarantee.
  10. Customer's shall submit claims under this Low Price Guarantee in the following manner: Customer must present to Gardiner Wolf Furniture originals or legible photocopies of the relevant print advertisement, which includes either a postmark or date of publication, from the Competitive Retailer and Customer's sales receipt from Gardiner Wolf Furniture. In instances of radio or television advertisements, Customer must provide the name of the Competitive Retailer, the channel or station on which it aired, and the date and time of the advertisement. In the case of internet advertising the customer must provide the name of the Competitive Retailer, the date of the advertisement and a screen shot of the relevant advertisement. In all instances Customer's claims are subject to verification and investigation by Gardiner Wolf Furniture before they will be accepted. All claims under this Guarantee can be submitted in person at any Gardiner Wolf Furniture location or may be mailed to Gardiner Wolf Furniture Furniture, Attn: Low Price Guarantee Claims, 4241 Brookhill Rd, Baltimore MD 21215. Claims must be received within 45 days after the Customer received their merchandise from Gardiner Wolf Furniture.
  11. In the event a claim is eligible and deemed valid, Gardiner Wolf Furniture will issue a refund check to the customer within ten business days of the claim being verified and accepted. Refund checks will be mailed to the Customer address as listed on the Customer's sales receipt unless Customer requests another address be used. Gardiner Wolf Furniture is not responsible for any lost, delayed or destroyed mail. Should any merchandise be returned to Gardiner Wolf Furniture after a claim is paid, Customer's credit received will be reduced by the amount of the claim that has been paid under this guarantee so that Customer's refund will be a net of all refunds paid.
  12. The Gardiner Wolf Furniture Low Price Guarantee is void where prohibited by law.

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