Limited Warranty

The products offered for sale in our stores are excellent values in relation to comparable products available in the marketplace and are solely intended for residential use.
The warranties enclosed in this pamphlet are a summation of our factories' written policies. Gardiner Wolf Furniture can not alter or extend the terms of this document.

Limited Warranty Policy on Products Picked Up by Customers
To obtain warranty service, YOU must return the product plus proof of purchase to Gardiner Wolf Furniture main warehouse at 4241 Brookhill Rd., Baltimore, MD 21215. Tuesday through Friday Noon - 4:00 p.m. or Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. or to the original pick up location. CALL STORE FOR DROP OFF TIMES AND INSTRUCTIONS. All other terms of our limited warranty appear below. Any concealed damage after pick up must be reported within three(3) days to receive free carry in service. Inspection of goods at the warehouse at time of pick up is recommended.

Limited Warranty Policy on Delivered Products
Gardiner Wolf Furniture will repair or replace at its sole option, any product which has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship for six(6) months after delivery. Delivered products will receive "in home" service for six(6) months by Gardiner Wolf Furniture. Gardiner Wolf Furniture reserves the right to refuse service on severely soiled, misused or abused products or any products which show signs of pet or animal usage. All service calls are done on a scheduled basis and we reserve the right to take back any replaced parts or components. All household pets must be restrained in a separate room during a service call. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser at the delivery address shown on the original purchase invoice. Products delivered beyond our "service zone" are not eligible for Gardiner Wolf Furniture in home service, but CAN be serviced on a carry in basis. In no event shall Gardiner Wolf Furniture Furniture be liable for consequential or incidental damages related to the products it sells. This warranty applies to household use and does not cover damage or product failure caused by misuse, accident, negligence or commercial use. ANY CONCEALED DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN THREE(3) DAYS OF DELIVERY TO RECEIVE FREE SERVICE. Service requests can be called in to our Repair Department at 410-358-1730 or may be logged via our internet website at

Unless specifically stated in the manufacturer's warranty, neither Gardiner Wolf Furniture nor its manufacturers warrant or guarantee any fabric against wear, pilling, matting or soiling. Over a period of time, and depending on its location and use, most fabric will experience a certain degree of "travel" which causes stripes, seams, patterns, etc. to become uneven or unmatched. This is a normal occurrence and in most cases can be corrected by "slapping" the fabric back towards its original location. It is not unusual for new fabrics to experience a certain degree of "pilling." This is a normal occurrence and will subside with continued use. Any application of after market protective sprays or stain repellent will void any manufacturer's warranty.

Most leather has range markings and is enhanced by natural features and distinctive grain fluctuations that assure individuality. Much like a fingerprint, these features give each hide a unique character and should not be considered a defect. Wrinkles, skin folds, scars, color variations, and other natural range markings are authentic characteristics and are a natural part of the uniqueness of purchasing real leather.
Leather will stain from certain food and drink spillage. Natural body oils tend to darken leather over time. Exposure of leather to sun or extreme light may cause cracking or stiffening and may permanently alter color. Gardiner Wolf Furniture does not warrant products against these occurrences.

Glass & Mirror
Glass and mirror imperfections must be reported to our service department with 3 days of delivery.

Urethane foam flattens and conforms to the shape of the sofa frame with use. Some loss of resiliency or softening is considered normal and should not be viewed as a defect. Ottomans are not intended for use as seating. The cushioning is not supported to bear a person's full weight.

Wood Products
The wood used in our furniture is kiln dried to limit its reaction to environmental changes. Despite this process, seasoned changes in humidity and temperature may cause swelling or shrinkage which may affect joints, miters and doors. This is a normal occurrence and will stabilize over time (usually within a single heating or cooling session). A "defect" in a wood product is an imperfection which impairs the utility of the product. Minor cosmetic imperfections such as knots, cherry pits and grain flairs are inherent to all woods and are not defects. Rubber products such as, but not limited to, rubber backed place mats or cushioning pads can cause a reaction with a wood product's finish and should therefore never be placed directly on any wood surface.

Since all upholstered material is applied by hand, each piece will have slight variations, tucks, etc. These should not be interpreted as flaws or defects, but rather as the individual upholsterer's interpretation of frame and fabric marriage. This warranty applies under conditions of normal household usage and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accidents, negligence or commercial usage. Gardiner Wolf Furniture reserves the right to void service on severely soiled upholstery or any upholstered piece which shows signs of pet or animal usage. Failure to follow the prescribed cleaning codes will VOID any claim. The warranty does not cover damage caused by contact with rough or sharp objects or by the use of any substance or cleaning material other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Sleep Sofas
The warranty on our sleepers varies between manufacturers but under no circumstances should ANY sleep sofa sold by Gardiner Wolf Furniture be used in the open bed position every night or almost every night. Sleep sofas, by their very design, are for occasional sleep use only and are not meant to provide the level of comfort found in a mattress and boxspring. Do not sit on the headrest of any sleeper while it is in the open (in the bedding) position. Such action may bend the mechanism or metal framing which will void your warranty. In general sleep sofas due to their construction do not offer the same level of comfort available in a stationary sofa.

The warranty on bedding varies depending on the model and manufacturer. In all cases, the appearance of body impressions is to be expected; this is the partial compaction of interior cushioning materials and is a normal condition created by usage. Delivery cost of replacement bedding is not covered by any factory warranty, therefore, authorized exchanges must be picked up by YOU or a charge will be assessed for delivery. Note: ALL bedding manufacturers void the warranty if there are any stains. Always use a protective mattress cover that suits your families immediate needs.

Distressing is the term used to describe marks which are added or left uncorrected during the manufacturing process. "Distress marks" are generally added by rasping, sanding, painting, spattering or even "digs" which are applied to the wood during manufacture. Pits are a natural characteristic of cherry wood and are generally left exposed to enhance the authenticity of the piece. Distressing levels vary with each piece of furniture. This makes each piece unique. Distressing is not a manufacturer's defect.

Wood Table Tops
Dining tables that have wood tops are water resistant. They will not withstand prolonged water exposure or high heat exposure. They should be used with table pads or placements and water spills should be wiped dry immediately.

Warranties are voided on mechanisms which show signs of obvious abuse. Do not sit on the footrest of ANY recliner or enter or exit the recliner while in the reclined position. This could cause the chair to fall forward or cause damage to the mechanism which will void your warranty. Small children should be kept away from open recliners as they may be injured by the exposed mechanism.

Metal Products
Due to realities of manufacturing and transportation, all metal products sold in our stores contain some scratches. Depending on the manufacturer and design, a metal product may show weld spots, tarnishing or joints in an effort to provide a desired effect.

Marble is a porous, heat sensitive material. Remove all spills immediately to prevent discoloration or staining. Always use insulated pads. Heat from serving platters may cause cracking or scratching or leave a water ring. Marble should be cleaned periodically with a non-fat mild detergent and lukewarm water, rinsed generously with clean water and wiped with clean cloths to make sure no moisture or residue remains. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on polished marble as scratches and dull areas result.

Floor Glides
Gardiner Wolf Furniture or its factories apply protective floor glides to many products based on its weight and/or intended use. Never slide a bed on any flooring surface, even smooth, because you may compromise the integrity of the beds' set up (beds must be unassembled prior to being moved). Glides should be checked periodically to insure against wear and replaced as necessary. NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS WITH HARDWOOD FLOORS: If you are placing delivered furniture onto hardwood floors, you must apply proper protection such as felt pads to the legs or base of the furniture to prevent floor damage. Gardiner Wolf Furniture will accept no responsibility for floor damage after delivery.

Special Order Products
Special order products receive the same warranty service or correction of minor defects as stock items. Gardiner Wolf Furniture must be allowed to make reasonable corrections or service to these products.

All clearance merchandise is sold "AS-IS" and carries absolutely no warranty. Once goods are either picked up or accepted in your home, Gardiner Wolf Furniture does not warrant and will not service any clearance merchandise.

Limited Lifetime Warranties As Issued by Selected Manufacturers
Please carefully read the specific terms and exclusions of any manufacturer's lifetime warranty or extended warranty. The warranty generally covers only specific parts. In no case does it include installation of warranted parts. Gardiner Wolf Furniture can provide transportation, delivery and professional installation of warranted parts, when necessary, at an hourly charge paid in advance. Extended warranties are limited to the terms and conditions of that specific factory and are not the responsibility of Gardiner Wolf Furniture.

Please leave factory identification tags attached to your furniture. Their removal may void your factory warranty.

Revised 04/2010